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Strengthening Cyber Resilience subsidy scheme encourages partnerships

To boost the cyber resilience of the Dutch business community, the Digital Trust Center (DTC) runs a subsidy scheme to encourage partnerships between companies in non-vital sectors. In 2024, 600,000 euros will be made available to the best project plans developed to improve the cyber resilience of businesses in the Netherlands. These can take the form of sustainable collaborations in the chain, region, sector or industry. Projects that make a clear and lasting contribution to improving the cyber resilience of companies in ways that are scalable to all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands can receive a subsidy of up to 150,000 euros.


Cyber resilience network

In a cyber resilience network, entrepreneurs work with other organisations to improve cyber resilience within and between non-vital industries, sectors and regions. Although the subsidy is not intended for parties from vital sectors, these parties are permitted to be part of a cyber resilience network. Their extensive knowledge and expertise can play an important role in ensuring a network’s success.

Networking: sharing best practices and prototype plans

The Digital Trust Center invites the participating companies to actively share their knowledge about setting up a partnership and the results achieved so that other companies in a similar position can benefit from the lessons learned. The partnerships are expected to generate transferrable best practices and prototype plans that can be used by other companies. This will extend the scope of the scheme beyond the companies that receive a subsidy.

    Types of cyber resilience collaboration

    The subsidy scheme supports two types of collaboration:

    1. Several companies jointly draw up a cyber resilience plan and appoint a coordinator, who then applies for a subsidy on behalf of the individual companies. The coordinator is one of the participants in the partnership. In this set-up, the partnership consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of eight participants and its aim is to represent the interests of companies not operating in the vital sectors.
    2. An association with a legal personality (e.g. a foundation) with the aim of promoting the cyber resilience of non-vital enterprises can also apply for a subsidy. In this set-up, the foundation is the recipient of the subsidy.


    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is the organisation that implements this subsidy scheme. Go to the website to find out how the scheme works, what conditions apply and how to enter your project for this subsidy scheme.