One Conference 2020 gaat niet door

19 mei 2020

Helaas is de One Conference 2020 afgelast vanwege de coronacrisis. Deze stond gepland op 29 en 30 september 2020. Hieronder het officiële bericht van de organisatie:

After intensive consultation with all partners involved, we have decided to cancel the upcoming edition of the One Conference, which was scheduled on 29 and 30 September of this year. This cancellation was made in anticipation of the current prohibition of organizing events until 1 September in response to the current corona situation. Given all uncertainties, necessary preparation, and overcrowded schedules in the autumn, we believe this is a well-made decision for the participants but also for the international cybersecurity network. However, the planned dates will not pass unnoticed. We are currently exploring alternative ways to exchange knowledge and stay in contact with the existing network. More information about these options will be announced shortly.